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Net-100% Renewable Electricity:

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Canyon of red rocks in Utah's Southern Region

Committing to Renewable Electricity:
Utah Communities Lead the Way

Utah Renewable Communities is a coalition of cities, counties, and other municipalities that are pioneering renewable energy solutions in our state. We are 100% committed to clean energy for Utah. We work to inform, inspire, and empower our communities to be the change for a sustainable tomorrow.

  • Net-100% renewable electricity means matching the program’s electricity consumption with renewable generation connected to Rocky Mountain Power’s system on an annual basis. The Community Renewable Energy Act defines renewable energy resources as sources that are “naturally replenished,” including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric. 


    The definition also allows the development of other clean energy-enabling technologies like energy efficiency, demand response, and energy storage. These enabling technologies can help bridge the gap between when renewable energy is generated and when it is consumed.

  • Utah Renewable Communities anticipates a small rate increase, but an exact amount is not known at this time. We estimate the average household in our program will pay between $2 and $7 extra per month to have the amount of electricity they use every year matched with renewable energy by 2030. The Agency exercises cost control by making it difficult to acquire new renewable energy resources if doing so would increase participant costs by 10% or more -- only 7 of 18 member communities could veto such a move.

  • Nearly two dozen Utah communities adopted resolutions in 2019 to achieve net-100% renewable electricity by 2030 and thus became eligible to participate in the Utah Renewable Energy program. The deadline for these communities to sign the Governance Agreement and formally join the Community Renewable Energy Agency (CREA) closed on May 31, 2022. Of the 23 eligible communities, 18 joined the Agency before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Utah Legislature passes the Community Renewable Energy Act

April 2019

Communities join by the participation deadline

May 2022

Communities sign the Utility Agreement

November 2023

Rocky Mountain power submit Program Application to Utah Public Service Commission

April / May 2024

Communities adopt the participation ordinance

End of 2024

Launch the Utah Renewable Communities program

Early 2025

Utah's Renewable Roadmap: A Timeline to Sustainable Power

As a resident, your support can make a resounding impact on our journey towards net-100% renewable electricity.

Here's How You Can Help:
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