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Advocating for Clean, Reliable, and Local Power

100% Committed to Clean Energy

Who We Are

Utah Renewable Communities, also known as the Community Renewable Energy Agency, represents a coalition of cities, counties, and other municipalities that are working to launch a default net-100% renewable electricity option for customers of Rocky Mountain Power in their respective communities.

Net-100% renewable electricity means that the program's electricity usage is balanced by renewable energy generated through Rocky Mountain Power's system on a yearly basis. Notably, this pioneering program is the first of its kind in the nation, serving as a model for municipal collaboration with a major utility. URC offers customers a choice to supplement their current energy mix with renewable energy options at a minimal cost increase. 


Through collaboration with several municipalities, the program's framework was established under House Bill 411, sponsored by Rep. Steve Handy and Sen. Daniel Hemmert, and signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert in 2019. 


To participate in the Utah Renewable Communities Program, interested communities were required to pass a resolution by December 31, 2019, expressing their commitment to achieving net-100% renewable energy by 2030. While 23 Utah communities initially expressed interest, a total of 18 have now signed an official Governance Agreement.


All 18 communities of the URC program convene monthly to discuss various aspects of the program application that will be submitted to the Public Service Commission.

A field of solar panels in Utah
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