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Community Renewable Energy Program

The Community Renewable Energy Program originated from the efforts of several Utah municipalities whose members and leaders desired a pathway to pursue renewable energy within their communities. The original collaborators considered various program structures, and with partnership from Rocky Mountain Power, they created the framework for the Community Renewable Energy Program via House Bill 411. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Steve Handy and Sen. Daniel Hemmert.


After a productive debate, the bill was ultimately passed with more than two-thirds majority during the 2019 Utah Legislative Session. Governor Gary Herbert ceremoniously signed the bill on Earth Day 2019, thereby enacting the Community Renewable Energy Program.


This program is the first of its kind in the nation. It's unique in that it serves as an example of municipal partnership with a major utility to deliver a customer choice model.


To participate in the Community Renewable Energy Program, the first step required interested communities to pass a resolution by December 31, 2019, aspiring to achieve net-100% renewable energy by 2030. Twenty-three Utah communities completed this step.


Eighteen of the twenty-three eligible communities have officially taken the next step in their participation by signing the Governance Agreement.


There is an upcoming target deadline of March 2023 to submit a program application to the Public Service Commission.

See the full program timeline and key milestones


The 18 communities of the Utah 100 Communities meet monthly to discuss elements of the program application and identify a consensus-based path forward. 

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