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Low-Income Resources

In accordance with Utah law 54-17-904(2)(f) and Public Service Commission administrative rules R746-314-401(3)(j), each community participating in the Utah Renewable Communities program (also known as the Community Renewable Energy Agency) is required to develop a Low-Income Assistance Plan. The objective of these plans is to mitigate the impacts on electricity costs for low-income customers.


The Community Renewable Energy Agency Low-Income Plan Committee is responsible for recommending components of these plans to both the agency's board and individual communities for adoption. To facilitate this process, the committee employed the Low-Income Energy Affordability Data (LEAD) Tool and received aggregated, anonymous data from Rocky Mountain Power. The outcome is a set of low-income community profiles and energy burden maps that can serve as valuable resources as communities craft their own Plans for Low-Income Assistance.

A field of solar panels in Utah
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