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Utah Renewable Communities Board

Board Information

Utah Renewable Communities (Also known as the Community Renewable Energy Agency or "The Agency") is made up of government representatives from all the participating communities. Each participating community may appoint two people to sit on the Board: a primary board member, who is an elected official, and an alternate board member, who can be an elected or appointed official or a staff member. The Agency has three committees: the Communications Committee, the Program Design Committee, and the Low-Income Plan Committee.

The Utah Renewable Communities board meets once a month.  Board meetings typically happen on the first Monday of each month. For the most up-to-date information on meeting dates and agendas, sign up to receive public meeting notices at the Utah Public Meeting Notices Website

To access meeting minutes of past meetings or to live steam a meeting happening now, go to the City of Millcreek's Meeting Live Stream Website. Public meetings can be attended in person at the Millcreek City Hall or remotely by going to

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